EN Treasury of the Vyšehrad Chapter

Visitors of the basilica are invited to explore the history of the Vyšehrad Chapter and of liturgical ceremonies, as there are some rare ecclesiastical objects, vestments and chalices used for worship in the past. When celebrating the liturgy, Christians address God, and that is why every object they use at such a precious moment is beautiful and valuable. While the Baroque or Renaissance favoured rich decorativeness, modern times see art objects from a different point of view and often prefer a more simple form. Still, it is fascinating to see how unique and skilled the artists of each period of history were.  

The Vyšehrad Chapter was a place of great importance in the past, wealthy enough to invest in artistically valuable liturgical objects. However, as a result of the raids and looting during the Hussite revolution and by the Passau troops in 1611, many objects were stolen or destroyed. The exhibited collection contains some fragments of the ancient treasure from the 14th and 16th centuries, but the majority of the collection consists of the 19th and 20th century objects.

The treasury can be visited only as a part of a tour of the basilica.

Photos: Jan Rendek, PhDr. Dana Stehlíková, Karel Lojka.